The Height of Secrecy receives Colorado Authors' League 2015 Award for Mainstream Fiction.

-Excerpt from the The Height of Secrecy, a  Jack Chastain Mystery from  Prairie Plum Press

The Height of Secrecy is J.M. Mitchell's second novel. What began with Public Trust  continues in this, the second in the Jack Chastain mystery series.  After a long career in the National Park Service--having worked in Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks, Washington, D.C. and Fort Collins, Colorado, Mitchell crafts stories of mystery, action and political intrigue.

Meet J.M. Mitchell, Author of the Jack Chastain Mysteries

    The wall came out and clobbered them, slamming them with its face. They bounced, then rolled across the rock.

    Echo pulsed through the canyon.  Air shook.