Public Trust

a novel by J.M. Mitchell

Ranger Jack Chastain returns to the canyons of New Mexico after fighting wildfires, and steps into a political firestorm. He wants to run, but a beautiful woman makes him take a stand. When mysterious provocations pit neighbor against neighbor, a battle between 'self-interest' and 'do the right thing' ensues, trapping Chastain between people who face hard truths about who they can really trust, and a fire that can change everything. 

Public Trust is the original novel in the Jack Chastain Mystery Series, and first Prairie Plum Press national park novel.


ISBN: 978-0-9852272-2-7

List Price: $24.95


ISBN: 978-0-9852272-4-1

List Price: $14.95


ISBN: 978-0-9852272-3-4

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