Colorado Authors' League 2015 Award for Mainstream Fiction

Release Date: October 15, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9852272-5-8

Format: Paperback

List Price: $14.95

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The Height of Secrecy

A Jack Chastain Mystery

by J.M. Mitchell

High on a treacherous canyon wall, a man from the pueblo clings to a ledge. Furiously working to rescue him, Ranger Jack Chastain is nearly killed. Now he wants an explanation and the man refuses to talk. Jack learns the secret revolves around a death sixteen years before, and a lot more is now at stake. While looking for answers, ghosts from Jack's past threaten his new life in New Mexico, forcing him to choose sides between a man who can save a collapsing coalition or a Native American with something to hide. 

The Height of Secrecy is the second Jack Chastain Mystery, a Prairie Plum Press national park mystery novel.